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Have you noticed that your home washing regime (which you had promised yourself you would do regularly, but has slipped into the ‘whenever I just happen to think about it’ category, and consists of you mainly pointing a hose at your house and hoping that is enough) isn’t leaving your home as sparkling clean as you had liked?

Or have you noticed oil leaks on your driveway turning your concrete into some kind of Rorschach test that you can’t get rid of with a hose?

How about your wooden patio, which had looked magnificent when installed and was a focal point for friends and family gatherings around the barbeque, until you started noticing the weird mouldy stains that you can no longer get out?

And what about your roof? Do you even know what’s going on up there? Or do you just hope that an afternoon storm will just magically make everything clean and sparkling?

Well, you don’t need to worry. At SC Pressure Cleaning, we will handle all those concerns and more. Whether you need pressure cleaning of your roofs, walls, driveways, patios, fences, decks or more, we will bring them back to their sparkling best.

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pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast

There are many options on the Sunshine Coast for pressure cleaning; we aim to be your best option for pressure cleaning your pride and joys.

And have we mentioned we also do commercial properties? Well, of course we do. We offer all of our services for all manner of commercial and corporate businesses and properties such as offices, shopfronts, shopping centres, schools and universities. We will clean pathways, pools, patios, parking lots and even sports facilities like tennis courts, basketball courts and netball courts. We also offer graffiti removal services.

There is a lot we do, and we will do it all in a reliable, respectful manner. No job is too small, and no job is too big … and definitely, no job is too messy for us to handle.

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About US

We know that it isn’t only about how good a job we do washing your roof, walls, decks, patios or driveways that is important. (Although, don’t get us wrong, we know that is really important.) It’s also about the service and care we provide. We can do a fantastic job on your property until there is not a single speck of dirt or mould, but if we are late to the job, disrespectful to you or your property and conduct ourselves in a way that is rude, condescending or obnoxious, we know we will never be invited back to perform future cleans.

We are not here just to be one-clean-wonders. Cleaning is an ongoing thing that is required during the lifetime of your home or commercial property, and we want to grow a professional relationship going far into the future.

We are aware that when we are invited to do a job for you, we are being invited on to your property. Any job that requires a contractor to perform work at your home requires a degree of trust between the home owner (or property owner) and the contractor. We are not just working on your walls, your roof, your patio or driveway … we are cleaning things that you spent money on getting just right. It is your house, it is your property … it is your pride and joy, and when we come to realise that, it means we treat our job with responsibility and integrity.

With our every interaction with you, we want to be known as people who you know you can trust with the important things in your life. We want to be known as a business that respects its customers and clients, who doesn’t go just that ‘one step beyond’ in helping you out, but goes many large leaps beyond.

If that’s a business you want cleaning your roof, walls, driveway et all, then look no further than us. Give us a call. One of our team will be happy to talk to you.

Or you can try out that Free Quote form. Just fill it in with as much information as you can give us, and someone will respond to you with a free quote as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you not only on this job, but many times into the future.

Pressure Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Our Pressure Cleaning Services

House Washing Sunshine Coast

house washing Sunshine Coast

Your home is probably your biggest investment. When you first moved in, it was pristine. The walls practically gleamed, every exterior surface seemed to radiate in the sun.
Then life happens. Your home is in the elements every hour of every day, and that takes a great toll on all your surfaces. But those elements, the sun, wind and rain, damage little by little your exterior surfaces. Mould and mildew form and begin to spread, turning your exteriors dull and grimy, and perhaps causing breathing issues to those susceptible due to mould spores.
Your paintwork needs your help to do its job. It should be cleaned annually, but that doesn’t mean that you need to do it.
Instead, you should call us.
Often times, all it takes to turn around a dirty, grungy looking house is a good, proper clean. Cleaning will remove mould and mildew from your exterior surface to protect your paint job, cutting down the costs of having to repaint your house. And if you are selling your house, you’ll be amazed at home much an exterior house washing can boost your selling price.

Please note though that a high pressure clean may not be suitable for all exterior surface types and we may determine that a soft wash might be more applicable. The super-pressured stream of water can cause damage to a surface if that surface is not strong or durable enough to cope with it.
We obviously don’t want that to happen to you. The soft wash process uses environmentally friendly chemicals in place of the super pressure water jets, to break down the dirt.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast

commercial pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast

Sometimes customers and staff do judge a book by its cover, and if your ‘cover’ is full of dirt, grime, mildew, grease, oil and rust, that does not give your commercial business a good reputation. All services aimed at residential owners also apply to commercial business owners, so if you have pathways, pools, patios, decks, walls and roofs that need a bit of a clean, contact us for our Commercial Pressure Cleaning services. We will even clean car parking lots and sports fields like tennis courts and basketball courts.

Some commercial businesses we will service are offices, shopping centres, store fronts, schools and universities, sports grounds, and many more.

Roof Cleaning Sunshine Coast

roof power cleaning Sunshine Coast

Sometimes, the only time someone thinks about their roof is when it isn’t there. All the other times it just sits there, making sure we don’t get wet when it rains. But your roof still needs a bit of tender love and care to clean it of the dirt and debris, mould and mildew that form over the years.

Too much algae and fungus can damage your shingles, and moss, because it can hold water, can cause the shingles to curl and the roof to rot. By cleaning your roof, you not only ensure its appearance remains as it always has, you also extend its life and may prevent the need for a new roof.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast

driveway cleaning Sunshine Coast

If your car spends a lot of time on the driveway, it is probably likely that your driveway has dots and splashes of oil spills. Without a professional driveway pressure cleaning, the concrete of your driveway will absorb the oil, dirt and grime that accumulates, exacerbating the look of an ugly driveway.

​We will remove the oil stains, mould and mildew, leaving it looking new. Particularly if you are looking to sell, having a pressure cleaned driveway can boost your properties’ selling cost by thousands of dollars.

Fence Cleaning Sunshine Coast

fence cleaning Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast experiences its fair share of storms. Over the course of a few years, these storms might have an effect on your fences, particularly if they are wooden. They will become dirty and faded, and might require a fresh paint of coat.

​Getting us to clean your fence before you paint it will ensure it is dirt and debris free. And even if you don’t want to re-paint it, giving your fence a once over clean will make it look like it has been re-painted.

Patio and Deck Cleaning Sunshine Coast

deck power cleaning Sunshine Coast

Storms can also cause your patios and decks their fair share of problems. Mould and mildew stains appear that cause your patios and decks to look dirty and uninviting.

​You no longer want to invite friends and family over for a barbeque because of the look of your patio and deck. Which is just a waste, because a quick professional, safe and non-toxic pressure clean later, your patio and deck will look stunning once more.

There are a lot of Pressure Washing and Cleaning companies out there servicing the Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas. We know what you want are people that are not only highly-skilled, experienced and completely professional, but also fast, reliable, friendly and trust-worthy.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. We wish to be your Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast company not just for the current job, but far into the future as well, and this can only happen if we prove ourselves to be the skilled, reliable, trust-worthy company we know we are. 

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

What is Pressure Cleaning?

Well, I suppose that is a pretty obvious question that needs answering. Although, just note that some people also use the term ‘pressure washing’, but they are pretty much interchangeable. Anyway, whatever you call it, it uses water under pressure to remove all the tough, really ground in dirt and grime that normal water cleans can’t remove.

How much pressure is the water under, you might ask. Up to 200 times the pressure of the air all around us. This narrow, very high jet of water hits the surface so fast that the dirt, dust, grime and all the bad stuff you want to get rid off, are dislodged. Each drop of water becomes like a tiny, little pick-axe, chiselling away the dirt and stains, and under the constant barrage of thousands of such ‘pick-axes’, the dirt is scoured off the surface.

Is High Pressure Cleaning Suitable For All Surfaces?

Not necessarily, no. High pressure washing works well with hard, tough surfaces like concrete, brick, timber and metal, but not so well with some of the more delicate surfaces, like shingles on a roof. In those situations, it is best to use a ‘soft wash’.

​When doing a soft wash, we will use chemicals instead of water jets to remove stains, but don’t worry, these chemicals are safe for your home and environment. These chemicals are then removed with a low-pressure water rinse.

We offer both Pressure and Soft Wash cleaning services, and will use the appropriate service based on the surface to be cleaned. 

Why Should I Get My Surfaces Pressure Cleaned?

Over time, things like dirt, dust, grime and algae build up on your surfaces. On your driveways, you might get oil deposits from your car. On other surfaces, you might find a build up of mud and dead leaves and debris that may cause a slipping hazard. Mould, mildew and algae could show up on your wood or brickwork, and all sorts of unwanted ooze and gunk might continually congeal on your brick or concrete surfaces.

So, getting those surfaces cleaned can cause a health benefit, particularly in the case of dust, mould, mildew and the like, if you have breathing issues. Washing your roofs of all your junk will allow rainwater to flow down more naturally, rather than collect, possibly rotting your roofs.

​And of course, a clean house just looks better. Particularly if you are trying to sell.

When Should I Get My Surfaces Pressure Cleaned?

How often you get your surfaces cleaned depends on a few factors, mostly related to how dirty the environment is near your surfaces. If you have tall trees, they will drop leaves and seeds onto your roofs and driveways (not to mention what the birds will do, as well).  Rain runoff might cause mould in areas that don’t see the sun. If you use your patios or pool often, constant use will also cause your surfaces to need to be cleaned.

Most people who do repeat bookings do so every 6 or 12 months.

But outside of regular bookings, there are other reasons to request a clean. You might want to get your wooden fence cleaned before you re-paint it. You might need to clean your driveway if you have an oil spill. And you definitely should get your property pressure cleaned before you put it up for sale. Just the look of a professionally pressure cleaned house can add thousands of dollars to your properties asking price.

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